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The American Worker
A Portrait of Ourselves and Our Country
A nation-wide, collaborative film honoring the American worker!
Stand united and help honor the hard work, sweat and blood of those who work to make our country great!

About the film

The American Worker Film Project is a 501C3, non-profit project sponsored by The Greater Philadelphia Film Office, Philadelphia, PA.

This is a film about the American worker, made for the American worker and by the American Worker!  Images gathered from the contest will be used to help tell the story of  you, the American worker and your importance to the economy and our country. It is a film about unity, pride  and hope.   This is an unprecedented, national collaborative film underscoring the power of what we can achieve by working together. It is a professionally produced, broadcast quality film made possible only by your participation.


We will paint a portrait of  “the American worker” from all walks of life, from all regions of the country, utilizing  images of

working Americans submitted by other

Americans just like you. 

This grassroots film is the brainchild of

an award winning commercial production

team who is sympathetic to the plight of

average working Americans. 

Please see the producers’ bios.

                                                    Entries will be judged on aesthetics,

                                                    composition, film quality, image quality,

                                                    lighting, and narrative message.

                                                    Please see the Contest Rules and Entry Forms

This is not a film about “us” and “them”. The film is a portrait of American Workers.   We are teachers and plumbers, factory workers and farm hands.  We are lawyers, carpenters and healthcare workers.  We are store clerks working in big box stores and corporate professionals in shiny corporate towers. We are all Americans whose labor has contributed to our country’s economic prosperity. As a nation, we need to come together, work together, and value each other.  

The film portrays the need for every American to stand together to save the American Dream.  It is a testament of what we can accomplish together.

The film will portray the American worker today and

look back from whence we came.  We will look at the

historic and heroic efforts that were made by brave

Americans who fought, sweated and even died, to

achieve fair labor standards and the quality of life that

became synonymous with The American Dream. 

A dream we are all in danger of losing.

Together we will show America that we are united...and we are the majority! 

We, the people, the workers, are the ones who drive the economy.  Without the

American worker there is no economy for anyone.  We encourage everyone, the 99% and the 1% , 100% of us, to stand united!

United we stand, divided we fall!



A group-sourced documentary film proudly sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office.  The American Worker Film Project is a non-profit 501C3 organization.