Who are we...


John R. Dorchester


John Dorchester has been in the production business for almost 25 years.  John founded the production company, MediaDog Films in 1994.   He gained a stellar reputation producing and directing creative, award winning film and video projects for some of the largest corporate entities on the face of the planet,  such as GlaxoSmithKline, Motorola/Sprint and Freddie Mac.  John is a six-time Telly Award winner and has won honors for producing, writing, art direction and directing.  John has lectured on the power of the moving image and has been quoted in text books on the subject of media communication.

In addition John has worked on feature films and produced and directed “Rocketman” a feature documentary that won accolades as it toured in film festivals around the world in 2008.


Steven Holtzman

Executive Producer

Steven’s career started in the 1980s.  After a decade as President of FSP Productions,  he has gone on to be producer and executive producer for many television series such as Dr. G Medical Examiner,  episodes of Biography,  as well as feature documentaries  including    “Meatloaf, in Search of Paradise”   a documentary on the performer, Meatloaf (not a  film about homestyle cooking) .  In addition he has worked on  many feature films including M Night Shyamalan’s  The Village.

Steven has recently taken a job in Hollywood.

Paul Emma


Paul is a graduate of PCA (now the University of the Arts) in Philadelphia.

He has been a professional photographer for 42 years and has photographed numerous celebrities, corporate executives and subjects ranging from industrial equipment to theatrical presentations. Paul has recently published a series of digital prints produced from photographs taken in Vietnam in 1968 where he served as a Psychological Operations photographer during the war. " Portraits of Vietnam" reveals the beauty of the people and the normality of life as it paralleled the conflict. Paul is currently doing fashion photography in NY for a major collection.